Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Houston PTQ Amsterdam

Houston PTQ Amsterdam is lurking at the end of this week and I am getting a little excited about competing. You see, the last time I entered a real MTG constructed tournament was back in 1997-ish. I don't even remember what the heck I played. It was probably either White Weenie or Permission.

The PTQ will be held at 3rd Coast Cards in Katy, TX. I stopped by the shop a few days ago to pick up a pair of Time Warps to finish off my deck and to scope out the scene. I was glad I stopped by for several reasons. First, the store owner was a nice guy and we had a decent little conversation about Magic. Second, I had a chance to see a bit of the metagame at the store. U/W Control and American Planeswalkers (UWr) should be heavily represented. With that said, I think Jund will comprise the largest segment of the field, as usual.

Speaking of decks, what deck will I be running? If you paid attention, you'll remember that I mentioned Time Warp in the above paragraph. Before you start calling out Runeflare Trap, Time Sieve, or Turbofog, rest assured I'll be running a pure rogue deck called Walk Hard.

Since this will be my first full blown constructed event, I have no real goals except to have fun and win at least 1 round! I think those goals are achievable. Post-tournament report soon to follow...


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