Saturday, June 5, 2010

FNM: T2 Constructed

After licking my wounds from last week's Houston PTQ Amsterdam, I decided to take my deck to T2 FNM. I had been doing some thinking about tweaking the deck, but I felt my sideboard needed the work more than the deck. I ditched the Naturalize and Spell Pierce for Relic Crush and Negate.

The only round where I made a big play mistake was round 1. I was paired up with RDW and we had both won a game. Game 3 was close, but I felt I was about to take control of the game. My mistake was tapping out my blue to sneak in Jace 2 while my opponent didn't have any threats on the board. He played Plated Geopede, Devastating Summons, and Goblin Bushwhacker to swing for lethal. To add insult to injury, I was holding two Flashfreeze. Next time I won't tap out my blue knowing my opponent has haste + summons.

The rest of my matches were fairly normal. Round 3 was another Time Sieve combo. He sided in 2 Baneslayers which caught me with my pants down. I did not see it coming and lost game 3. See my PTQ report to see my stellar record against Time Sieve. Sigh.

I placed 9th out of 27 with a record of 3-2. Overall, I was pleased with my deck more than my performance, which means I need to keep playing and exposing myself to more deck types.

Live the dream!

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